Riding the Digital Wave: CUX’s Unprecedented Success in AI Analytics and Market Recognition

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In an era where data is the new oil CUX.io has been making significant strides in the development of the Digital Experience Analytics Tool for all, CUX has created a solution that swiftly identifies your customers’ problems, thereby increasing conversion rates in digital products, especially for enterprise businesses.

Navigating Through Macroeconomic Pressures

The past year has seen considerable macroeconomic turmoil, particularly in the financial sector. According to Kamila Kotowska, CUX Head of Growth, many companies had frozen their innovation budgets for the first quarter of 2023. However, as the year progresses, there’s a change in approach with a high demand for Proof of Concepts (PoCs) and pilot implementations. AI, Machine Learning, and automation have ushered in a new era of opportunities. They have made companies realize the potential of automating behavior analytics, thus increasing the demand for tools in our sector. The current landscape, shaped by post-pandemic recovery, rapid digitalization, and data-driven strategies, has generated a strong demand for automated digital experience analytics tools. As a result, CUX has been able to steadily add new high-ticket clients to our portfolio. The Team and Advisory Board of CUX remain committed to innovating and pushing the boundaries of AI, UX, and Analytics, to provide CUX clients with exceptional tools that boost their digital success.

Introducing AIocado: Your Personal AI Analytics Concierge

As an answer to this new AI direction is a new major success in the usage of AI/ML capabilities by the development of AIocado Concierge. This innovative tool is built on CUX team’s comprehensive language models and user behavioral data. AIocado Concierge understands data and is able to not only expertly identify places at which users tend to drop off and decipher the reasons behind this, but also to recommend further optimizations and improvements. By adopting AIocado Concierge, users will be able to save valuable time, significantly enhance their analytical capabilities, and say goodbye to the overwhelming data overload. AIocado is CUX’s response to the current market needs; regardless of your expertise level, this concierge is your reliable analytical partner. The AI-concierge wait list is available at https://aiocado.com/

CUX Triumphs in the 2023 Big50 Hot Startup Competition

In recent news, CUX was selected by AI, specifically with the help of ChatGPT, from 74 startups that responded to the survey initiated by Jeff Vance from Startup50. The Challenge #1 of the 2023 Big50 Hot Startup Competition aimed to discuss a range of macroeconomic pressures, including inflation, geopolitical uncertainty, and the recent run on regional banks. We are humbled and proud for this prestigious recognition.

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