Get set for the Startup Wrocław Evolutions 2023!

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Ready for some mind-blowing tech? Get set for the Startup Wrocław Evolutions 2023! Two promising startups, and Aurero, are all set to make waves.

Here’s the scoop: Making UX Data Analysis a Breeze is shaking up the world of product analytics. They use both number crunching and behavioral analysis to find out what ticks users off and what keeps them engaged. Big names like T-Mobile and Discovery are already on board.

Their smart tool transforms the tiresome process of data analysis from a 700-hour marathon to a quick 23-minute jog. It spots patterns in digital product usage, identifies website hiccups, and picks out the most important recordings that align with business goals. Their impressive growth and the methods they’ve used to get there are backed by strategic planning and tech expertise.

Kamil Walkowiak, Co-founder & CTO,

Aurero: A Healthcare Game-Changer

The other keynote speaker at Startup Wrocław Evolutions 2023, Aurero, offers a one-stop cloud-based solution for healthcare professionals. They are on a mission to streamline the way doctors, physiotherapists, and medical specialists work using artificial intelligence.

Their aim? Smooth operations for healthcare providers leading to top-notch patient experience. They’ve already helped medical services for more than a million patients across five countries. They also collaborate with a high-tech medical clinic in Lodz, Poland, using it as a testing lab for their new inventions. With inputs from over 250 healthcare experts and feedback from 100,000 patients, Aurero is really making a difference.

Patryk Ogorek MD, CEO, Aurero

Look forward to Startup Wrocław Evolutions 2023 for a peek into the journeys of these revolutionary startups – and Aurero. Their growth, achievements, and plans for the future will provide valuable insights. Stay tuned for the latest updates on these two rising stars in the startup scene!

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